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Rollo Jr. by SealisGreat Rollo Jr. by SealisGreat
My entry to the wonderful little (read: not little) club known as the Pokemon battle frontier: Ohana Islands. I came across it a while ago and decided to join in on the fun. But enough about that, I bet you're all wondering how great me and my poke-pals are, so I listed them all below. And... here they are man.

[b]Rollo Jr.[/b]

An almost middle-aged chap who hails from somewhere in East Celadon. Like all healthy children, Rollo was legally obliged to become a trainer, or risk heavy fines, so off he went on a journey to discover both himself, and hidden talents. Unforunatly, he did neither, and threw in his I.D card before he even got a badge. Although he did get three pokemon out of the quick experience, Rollo suffers from a syndrome of "can't hold a job." and often will move onto to something new and exciting as soon as he loses intrest of his current occupation. (Or, in more recent years, gets fired.)
Moving the clock forward a few decades, Rollo finds himself on the Ohana islands with nothing to do, since he just got fired from his job as a librarian. What will happen next to the poor chap? Let's find out.

[b]Rollo's Daddy.[/b]

Rollo's first and favourite 'mon. He is very fond of Rollo and acts almost like a father figure to the guy. He is also self proclaimed "master comic" who has preformed in front of thousands of people. The chances of this being true, however, are quite slim, since Daddy couldn't tell a joke if his life depended on it. Oh dear.

Although taking the form of everyone's favourite electric critter, and boasting the fame of being a distant relative of the globe-trotting 'chu himself, Norman hardly shares any other similarities with the rest of his kin. Slightly taller than the average 'chu, and with an oddly shaped head, Norman is a sour and snarky sort of 'mon that never fails to be caught in a bad mood.
He is also a keen supporter of poke-rights, especially the "ban the ball" movement, which he will actively promote and defend after being traumitised by the claustrophobic hell that are the di-coloured balls at a young age.
Rollo respects Norman's anti-ball wishes and allwos him to "do his own thing" at his leisure. Norman's "own thing" is usually to complain about society and to harass other trainers about their "primal" methods.

To anyone extremely confused. This app was modified to fit with the new applications rules designed to keep things sane. That is all. ;-)
MarioGamer-159 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
This is amazing. I'd watch the anime again if he was the main character.
SealisGreat Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
Yes, I am quite brilliant, aren't I?
SealisGreat Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Noooooo! My typing intuition failed me and made my attempted bold headings mess up. I could always fix it... but I couldn't be bothered right now.
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March 24, 2011
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